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Imagine the Possibilities with Technology People, Inc.

At Technology People, Inc.:

  • Your contributions count
  • You can reach new heights in your area of expertise
  • You can speak openly and candidly
  • You’ll join a team of recruiters and account managers
  • with technical backgrounds and experience in the Consulting industry


How Does Technology People, Inc.’s Recruiting Work?
Technology People, Inc. takes pride in its ability to deliver high quality service and diverse hiring options to talented IT and engineering professionals. Technology People, Inc.’s recruiting team places IT and engineering professionals in a variety of positions including contract, contract-to-hire, and direct hire. Our sales team places consultants with successful, leading-edge companies utilizing the latest technologies.

Our recruiting team conducts a customized search for every candidate/consultant to find each a challenging, rewarding work environment. Technology People, Inc. arranges an ideal match for each candidate/consultant’s corporate culture preferences, technical proficiencies, geographical location, and interpersonal skills. We also “skill market” our consultants to increase their upward mobility and marketability in contract assignments.

Superior Placement Services and Ongoing Support
We believe in supporting our candidates/consultants through a variety of services. Technology People, Inc. interviews each candidate/consultant before presenting their resume to a client. We determine a candidate/consultant’s desired compensation, length of contract, preferred geographic location, telecommuting opportunities, interest in a specific technology or industry, position level, and accompanying responsibilities.

  • Opportunity Assessment: We are constantly receiving new technical assignments. Each time we receive a new opportunity we compare the position requirements to our candidate’s/consultant’s experience. If there is a match, we move towards setting up an interview.
  • Resume Service: Our knowledgeable staff helps our candidates/consultants format and customize their resumes. We help you effectively reflect and highlight your previous experience and skills.
  • Interviewing: We provide a great deal of support for our candidates/consultants prior to an interview. In addition to scheduling and confirming the appointment, Technology People, Inc. reviews your unique qualifications and skill set. We coach you to answer questions specific to our client’s requirements.
  • Additional Support:Technology People, Inc. believes it is our responsibility to assist in contract negotiations. We will help negotiate the best possible rate for both our candidates/consultants and clients based on current market rates. Our staff also efficiently handles all administrative paperwork, including contracts and benefits.
  • Follow Up: Once you’ve started an assignment, Technology People, Inc. will keep in touch with you and the client on a regular basis. If additional responsibilities become part of your position, we will work to negotiate a new rate based on your current role. If both parties agree, we will also negotiate an extension of your contract. Our staff can also help if an assignment is not going as well as anticipated. Technology People, Inc. believes both the candidate/consultant and hiring company are our clients. We extend every effort to treat both deferentially.

Skill Marketing: Before a candidate/consultant completes a contract, Technology People, Inc. strives to find them a new assignment that will offer them a new challenge and an opportunity to build on existing skills.